onsdag 22 april 2015


Hello! Are u doing? Hope you´r doing great. I have a new channel named Sinplus Superfan.

I am now trying to focus on Barbie dolls! I will try to focus on other dolls too, but mostly Barbie right now.

Have a good day ;)

måndag 15 december 2014


Hello! Gabriel and Ivan from Sinplus are some of the nicest persons Iv´e knew in my whole life. They are my heroes. I haven´t met them, but I just want to meet them so badly. I want to meet them more than anything else! I have to make sure that it will come true! THATS IT! They are always with me no matter how far we are from each other! To meet Gabriel and Ivan and go to their concerts is my wildest dream! They sended me stuff back in October after that Iv´e showed a drawing of them and myself! I know that they care about us, and love us! I have contacted the Sinplus guys and they are so nice. I support them very often. They represented Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. They didn´t qualify ti the final and it´s heartbreaking cuz they have a special message that we can be whatever we want to be. They made that who I am today. They are my favourites in Eurovision Song Contest history. Sinplus! I love you from my heart <3

onsdag 22 oktober 2014


Ciao a tutti! I am coming with updates! I love Sinplus as mutch as my family beacuse they are goldenhearted and AMAZING! Sinplus are a band from Switzerland and the singer is Gabriel and the guitarrist is Ivan! They competed in Eurovision Song Contest 2012 and did not qualify to the final :´( That feels terrible for me! I loe them beacuse they show that we can do what we want and not let the hater´s bring them down! I wish I could meet them! I would give them a hug and you can vote for them on here: http://ch.mtvema.com/abstimmen#cat=best-swiss I have a facebook group about them and it´s named Sinplus Sverige and heres the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/365342780284342/?fref=ts I hope that we re able to get Sinplus dolls! I made YouTube videos with Sailor Moon transformations with Sinplus music! Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg36oc5MYU6V1Dkmhf8KuGnZ-Qcyiv5Ar They are really nice! I love you Sinplus!

I am trying to collect Barbie dolls and also Sailor Moon dolls! Glam Luxe Style and collector dolls is what I am thinking of lots!

My BFF had her birthday 2 days ago and she is so nice and adorable! I also have friends in school that I became close with!

I do videos a little it more often and I it´s fun! Allt the best/Robert

lördag 4 januari 2014


Här är linken på en blogg: http://zaamso.blogspot.se/
Hennes mellersta barn och yngsta dotter är en av mina bästa vänner och hon har flyttat till Marocko för 3 år sedan och vi har inte haft någon kontakt sedan dess men nu ringde hon mig och vi tig beslutet att hon ska hem till mig och jag eeh jag kan inte beskriva detta det är helt OTROLIGT.

Vi ses hejdå<3

tisdag 24 december 2013


Hej! Jag vill önske er en riktigt god jul. Jag älskar julen men jag hatar att det är en grön jul i år men det gör inte så mycket.

God jul allihop!

lördag 9 november 2013


Na ljetom ja i moj mama, tata, ststra i brat otislo u Hrvatski.
Vi smo bio u Rijeka kod moje tetke i isto na Vrbnik (na otok Krk).

Ja sam vidio puno Winx Club stvar pa ja samo kupio jedna Winx novine pa ja isto bi volio da kupio jedna Winx lutkepa ja nisam.

Ovo je moj novine.
Dovidenja <3